Case Study

Streamlining Success for a Walmart Marketplace Powerhouse

A leading Walmart Marketplace seller in the US faced data management challenges, with fragmented information and time-consuming manual reporting. Partnering with Algo Clan, they implemented a custom BI dashboard that unified their data, provided real-time insights, and automated reporting.

This case study highlights how this solution saved time, enhanced decision-making, and boosted profitability.


The client had established itself as a major player on the Walmart Marketplace, boasting a vast product catalog and thriving sales. However, their data infrastructure was holding them back from reaching their full potential. Their team grappled with:

Data Silos

Information was scattered across the Walmart Seller Portal, accounting systems, advertising platforms, and inventory management tools.

Manual Reporting

Valuable time was wasted on manual data compilation and spreadsheet wrangling, leaving little room for strategic analysis.

Limited Visibility

The lack of a centralized view made it difficult to pinpoint profitable products, optimize ad spending, or identify areas for inventory improvement.

Solution: Algo Clan's BI Dashboard

Algo Clan partnered with the client to design and implement a custom business intelligence (BI) dashboard that revolutionized their data management. The solution included:

Seamless Integration

Algo Clan connected the dashboard to the Walmart Seller Portal, accounting software, inventory systems, and advertising platforms, creating a unified source of truth.

Real-Time Visualizations
  • Intuitive dashboards were crafted to track key metrics in real time, including:
    • Sales performance (by product, category, and time period)
    • Inventory levels and turnover rates
    • Profitability margins
    • Advertising ROI and campaign performance
Automated Reporting

The dashboard automated the generation of daily, weekly, and monthly reports, eliminating manual errors and freeing up staff.

Ongoing Optimization

Algo Clan provided ongoing support to ensure the dashboard evolved to meet client’s changing business needs.


The impact of Algo Clan’s BI dashboard was immediate and significant:

Time Savings

Client estimated that the automated reporting alone saved their team over 15*5 = 75 hours per week, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.

Data-Driven Decisions

With real-time insights at their fingertips, the company was able to make informed decisions about product pricing, inventory management, and advertising strategies.

Profitability Boost

The ability to identify high-performing products and optimize ad campaigns led to a measurable increase in profit margins.

Competitive Edge

The company gained a competitive advantage by reacting quickly to market trends and customer preferences.

Client Testimonial

Algo Clan’s BI dashboard has been a game-changer for our business. We now have the visibility and insights we need to make smart, data-driven decisions that are driving our growth on the Walmart Marketplace.

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